STEAM Registration
STEAM Registration
Posted on 08/03/2018
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Tuition costs have dropped!

The STEAM after school program is located at Stafford Elementary School and is open to all children enrolled in grades 2-5. The program operates on school days only.  (Early dismissal days are NOT included)

Daily Program Hours: 3:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.  Monday – Friday

Snack, recess and homework time with tutors is provided followed by a structured activity time.

Admission Procedures: Children are admitted into the program on a first come, first serve basis. First preference will be given to children applying for a full year, five (5) day a week slot. Second preference will be given to children applying for a full year four (4) day a week slot. Any remaining slots will be filled by all other applicants with preference given to children that sign up for more than one session.     Session dates are as follows:              

Session #2: October 15 – November 30th

Session #3: December 3rd – January 18th Session #4: January 22 – March 1st

Session #5: March 11 – April 26 Session #6: April 29 – June 11* (tentative)

*Program Tuition: $4 per day, split into 5 payments!

Payment schedule for students attending 5 days a week is as follows :

October 12 - $120   November 30 - $120 January 18 - $120   March 1 - $120 April 26 - $120*

*If a deposit was given it will be deducted from the last payment.

For children wishing to register for individual sessions, the fee for each session will be $120

*A sliding tuition fee of $2 per day ($60 a session) is available for children participating in the Free/Reduced Lunch Program.  A 2nd child receives a 50% discount!

You may contact us with any questions at:  

 *Download STEAM  Program Registration Form