School Procedures

School Procedures



Welcome from Steve Montgomery, Principal


Welcome to the Stafford Elementary School for the 2017-2018 School Year. This page will provide you with important information as well as procedures that will ensure a safe and smooth operation of our school.  Thank you for adhering to these procedures.  We look forward to a wonderful school year.


Important Phone Numbers

Main Office 860.684.6677

Kathy Robbins, Administrative Secretary

Emily Wallach, School Secretary

Fax Number 860.684.3925

Health Office 860.684.3873

Mary Ellen Eaton, RN

Don Corne, RN

Superintendent 860.684.2208

                                                             M & J Bus 860.684.2754

School Hours 8:15-2:45

Students may not arrive earlier than 7:55 am, as we have no supervision until that time.

Morning Arrival Procedures- There will be staff members available outside and inside the main entryway to greet and direct students into the building.  The cafetorium is open at 7:55 to begin serving breakfast until the opening bell at 8:15.
Parents who drop off children in the morning should proceed to the designated DROP OFF LOOP, and staff will monitor the unloading of all children. If you escort your child into the building, you will need to park in the lot, but spaces are very limited.  We do ask that you do not  interrupt teachers with morning visits, as this is a busy time and their primary responsibility is the care, supervision, and instruction of their students.

Afternoon Dismissal Procedures- At 2:45, a bell will sound indicating the official end to the school day for students.  Students will be dismissed in an orderly manner as follows:
Students who are being picked up are called first to report to the pick up hallway.  If you are picking up your child, please park in the lot closest to the playscape area.  Enter the building through the door closest to the parking lot. Board of Education Policy requires all students be signed out by an adult (see student handbook for details) prior to being released from the building.
Students are not dismissed before 2:45 for any reason other than an emergency.  If you are requesting your child be picked up a note must be provided with your child in the morning.
If this is a routine pick up, one note will be sufficient.  However, all other situations require a WRITTEN NOTE.  Please do not telephone the office during the school day requesting pickup unless it is an unanticipated emergency.  Contacting teachers during the school day to notify them of last minute changes impacts our classroom programs.
Bus dismissal is done in an orderly fashion with students called by bus number.The main entrance area is for bus dismissal only.  We load two to three busses at a time.  Parking is  not allowed in the loop, as this is for handicapped buses and emergency vehicles only.  Requests for alternate busing must be made 48 hours in advance and in writing from the parent or guardian.  Such requests are subject to administrative approval.  Please note our buses are often full and we may not be able to accommodate some requests.  All routes are carefully planned and transfers are increasingly difficult to honor.  Only mandatory transfers will be permitted and are requested via the school office. Please do not telephone the office during the school day requesting a bus change unless it is an unanticipated change in schedule or an emergency.

Absences and Tardiness- If your child is absent, please call the nurse directly at 860.684.3873.  We request that you leave  a voicemail if the nurse is not available.  Once your child returns to school from an absence, a written note must be submitted to the teacher then forwarded to the nurse.
Students who arrive after the 8:15 bell are considered tardy.  Please bring your child to the main office to receive a tardy pass.  It is imperative that a parent or adult accompany the student to the main office, in order to sign the student into school.

Lunch and Recess-  All students have a fifty minute period reserved for lunch and recess.  There are four lunch/recess periods, each designated by grade.  Students have ample time to eat while good manners, behavior, and proper etiquette are stressed.  Recess is for free play; however, we will encourage children to be involved in age appropriate activities.  during inclement weather, students do not go outside; however, teachers offer free time in the classroom for socialization and relaxation from the normal routine.

2nd Grade     Instructional Support     Paraprofessionals
Mrs Bergeron Rm. 104   Mrs. Cox     Mrs. Besaw  
Mrs Neuwirth  Rm. 102   Mrs. Hasel     Mrs. Boulay
Mrs. Bourque  Rm. 103   Mrs. Evans

Ms. Pixton
    Mrs. Briggs
Mrs. DePelligrini Rm. 106   Special Education     Mrs. Bradley
Ms. Caporiccio Rm 107   Mrs. Clark     Ms. Crocker
Mrs. Pehoviak  Rm. 100   Mrs. Langlois     Ms. Darby
Mrs. Galligan Rm. 108   Mrs. Mullen     Mrs.Delano
3rd Grade     Mrs. Smith     Ms. DeMichael
Mrs. Almeida Rm.114   Mrs. Trafidlo     Mrs. Gluck
Mrs. Brisson Rm. 113   Speech /Langauge     Mrs. Hill
Mr. Holland Rm. 116   Mrs. Holmes

Ms. Suprin

Mrs. Lawlor
Mrs. Obernesser   Rm. 112  
    Ms. Sauders
Mrs. O’ Gara Rm 115   School Psychologist     Ms. Smialek
Mrs. Ravetto Rm. 117   Ms. Lindsay     Ms. Small
4th Grade     Social Work     Ms. Starkey
Miss Corkum Rm. 204   Mrs. Gagne     Mrs. Stuart
Mrs. Losee  Rm. 206   Ms. Boudah     Mrs. Verney
Mrs. Myles  Rm. 200   Art     Mrs. Viger
Mrs. Palmer  Rm. 207   Ms. Sidor     Mrs. Wilguess
Ms. Gordon Rm. 202   Music     Mrs. Wilson
Mr. Szych Rm. 201   Mrs. Bienvenu  

  Mr. Gray     Mrs. Wyse

  PE/Health     Mrs. Yefko
5th Grade     Mrs. Mylinec      
Mrs. Bontempo Rm. 216   Mr. Terry      
Mrs. Cooley Rm. 213   Library Media Specialist      

  Mrs. Funk      
Mrs. Meikle Rm. 218   Library Paraprofessional      
Mrs. Miller Rm. 217   Mrs. Davis    

Mrs. Ratti Rm. 214          
Mrs. Galotto Rm. 215