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All About Creative Cooks

Creative Cooks has been one of our most popular clubs over the years, and last week I decided to stop by and see why. Well, I can tell you, the children in this club are making some seriously tasty snacks!

One of the things I noticed was how well the children worked as a team.There are several things that they need to accomplish together in order for the yumminess to take place. From setting up at the beginning of the day, working to assemble the ingredients together to (drum roll please!!) CLEANING UP!!

Yes, families, don’t be fooled, your children can clean up and help wash dishes!!

Then there is the MATH (it’s all about the math!) - the children are applying the concepts that they are learning in their daytime classrooms while creating the daily recipe. Fractions are always present, and the Leaders for this club are challenging the children to figure out what the quantities would be if they were only making half the recipe.

I can now see why this is such a popular club, and I can’t wait to see (and hopefully taste!!) all the snacks they will be making in the weeks to come!

Mrs. Shirk

PASS On The Scene Reporter